Forget the past collaborations and associations. With ‘Homegrown’, Steve Porter stands alone as an A-list DJ/Producer. Listen to samples from each track and read what Steve had to say about his work. Only on InternetDJ.

Steve Porter’s ‘Homegrown’ is an expertly mixed album bringing together 14 original tracks. Some of which have already garnered wide attention with inclusion of the tracks on numerous high-profile dance music labels & compilations including; “Vodka Cranberries” on Nu Republic, “Definite Form” on Sander Kleinenberg’s Little Mountain Records (also found on SK’s recent Everybody CD for Renaissance), and most recently, the track “Swanky” has been included on Felix da Housecat’s “Playboy: The Mansion compilation”.

In his own words Steve Porter says, “The Homegrown album is basically a yearbook of grooves and melodies that I mixed together into one 16 track collage. It was about painting with different colors and growth as an artist, as I didn’t feel satisfied just producing one-off singles and remixes anymore. DJing has always inspired my production work and I think the album reflects that. I wanted to make a funky, fun, colorful album with a balance of creative freedom and dancefloor tangibility. Having such an album to tour with really shapes the chemistry of your DJing style in such amazing ways too, not only having different shades to work with, but learning from the contrast between your records and others.”

Only someone with a wry sense of humor would dare design a cover like Homegrown’s (see below). On his choice of imagery, Steve says “It’s my mother’s apple pie with a disco ball being baked out of it, if you will, a homegrown disco pie. It wasn’t an easy thing for my mom to sacrifice one of her famous pies, but it’s a tribute to my mom and my music she has supported all these years. I have a great mom.”

Our Rating:  (4.0/5.0)

Our Favorite TrackDefinite Form

Steve Porter – Homegrown

  1.  Fluffer Nutter
  2.  Between 9 & 10
  3.  Swanky
  4.  Bobble Daze
  5.  Beat N Potatoes
  6.  Vodka Cranberries
  7.  Rage In The Cage
  8.  Sandbox
  9.  Definite Form
  10.  Electric Jelly
  11.  Lady Elaine
  12.  Square Dancing
  13.  Purina
  14.  Homegrown

Steve Porter’s debut artist album ‘Homegrown’ on FDS Recordings will be available as an early exclusive digital download on iTunes,, Napster, MusicNet (AOL), Virgin Digital, MSN Music, and many other digital music stores from January 28.

Homegrown is also available on VINYL EP #1 & #2. You can pick them up at

 Steve Porter – Homegrown EP #1 (FDS 001 – Double Pack)
A. Beat ‘n Potatoes
B. Lady Elaine
C. Purina
D. Square Dancing

Steve Porter – Homegrown EP #2 (FDS 005 – Double Pack)
A. Homegrown
B. Rage in the Cage
C. Swanky
D. Electric Jelly
E. Sandbox

Steve Porter ‘Homegrown’ 2005 Tour Dates
January 21 – BOSTON @ RISE ‘Homegrown’ Record Release Party
January 22 – BOSTON @ Virgin Megastore (in-store DJ set)
January 29 – NEW ORLEANS @ Ampersand
February 2 – PHILADELPHIA @ Fluid
February 5 – WASHINGTON DC @ Andalu
February 11 – TORONTO @ System
February 18 – WINDSOR @ Blast
February 25 – VANCOUVER @ Sonar
February 26 – SAN FRANCISCO @ 1015
March 3 – MILWAUKEE @ Amp
March 4 – CHICAGO @ Soundbar
March 25 – MIAMI – Winter Music Conference 2005 “We Want Porterhouse” @ State
March 31 – NEW YORK @ Canal Room
More Dates TBA….

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