We scoured our database of music videos we’ve promoted over the years and came up with our own top 10 most popular dance music videos on InternetDJ from all time. Have fun!

This list does not take “quality” into consideration, it is based on pure popularity only and only those videos we promoted. There are countless others that would probably belong here. Next year we’ll compare the results as 2005 is shaping up to be a big year for enhanced electronic video releases. Keep on top of all new dance and electronic music video releases in our Video Gallery.

10 Coldcut vs. TV Sheriff World of Evil
Coldcut and TV Sheriff put together this video cut-up featuring some political bytes lighting up our screens lately. Worth a watch.
9 Watch the Controversial Video from The Prodigy
This is the complete version of ‘Baby’s Got a Temper’ from The Prodigy. A pretty good track that sounded a lot like their older stuff. Video is freaking weird.
8 Armand Van Helden Track Instant House Classic
Armand’s single “Hear My Name” was an instant classic when released on his mix CD “New York: A Mix Odyssey”. I think the proper description is “damn spanking good”. Not shown on MTV.
7 Gouryella Ligaya – See the Video NOW
This was the most talked about Trance single of 2002. Still holds up after all this time. Classic track and video.
6 Danzel Pump It Up is Tops In Europe
Yes, I still firmly believe this is the worst dance track released of all time. Words to live (and do push-ups) by: “Don’t You Know Pump It Up, You Got To Pump It Up.” Shame on you for watching.
5 Lisa Scott-Lee Gets It On with Intenso Project
I got pasted in the face with a large trout by Twelve652 for posting this. A momentary lapse in taste, quickly regained. Hot girls in a bad song are all yours.
4 Benny Benassi Gets Some Satisfaction
Mr. Benassi dropped a massive, industry changing instant classic dance track on the world. All hail Benny for helping push forth and develop this unique sound. Tasty vid.
3 Junior Jack Stupid Disco Bikini Boxing
I think Junior Jack just wanted to see a couple of naked chicks wrestle and get it on camera. I wonder what his wife said after watching this video. My friend Sam said it best while watching for the first time “…oh, I see. They get naked…”
2 Michael Gray’s Weekend is Here
Mixed opinions on this track. Its solid funky house, some people say a bit bland. Regardless, the video is really funny, additionally with hot chicks.
1 Eric Prydz Sweating with Hot 80s Chicks
Any doubt that this would be number one? Enough said.

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