What up fellow DJ’s and digital artists, this is ZXX, and I’m here to tell you how to make your crummy “Fruityloop” songs sound like professional house music. Step-by-step instructions right here.

(NOTE: Recommended that you have Fruityloops version 4.0 or higher)

1. Setup – If you making house music, the tempo of an ordinary track is between 128bpm to a maximum of 138bpm, maybe even 140bpm if you want to go crazy, so pretty much set the tempo where you like. Then add a compressor and Parametric EQ to the main channel, maybe even a Soft Clipper if you wish.

2. Drums – The drums and percussion are one of the main elements of making the song groove. Basically house is a dance music, so you need to make percussion that people can dance to. First of all you need to add the kick. It’s always good to have a solid clean kick for a house track. One way you can make perfect kicks is add two diffrent kicks playing at the same time. For instance, take a normal hip hop kick and mix it with any other techno kick (The c_kick isn’t a good idea unless you add a cut to it.) Then add your hats. Add some shakers with the hats and add a shuffle to the pattern to get the funky feel. Then put all the hats in one FX channel and add small delay (only a little amount). Then u need a thick snare and clap combined and lower the volume down on thse two instruments. Then you needs sum percs, conogs of some sort. It’s better to have live congos then electronic ones like the ones on a TR-808 and TR-909 drum machine. Try to either record real congos or look for royalty-free perc loops from the internet. Then if you want to add more realism, add sum drumloops to play with the drums you put together. Remember, the more variety, the more better the drums, just don’t over-do it.

3. Bassline – If you want to make an electric bassline/synth, first get the hip_bass line from the Hip Hop list and add an FX channel to it. Add a blood-overdrive and small delay, then adjust the EQ for the bassline only by adding some more bass (not too much where it starts distorting). Then don’t forget to add a compressor to that channel. Then loop the bass and start composing on the piano roll. You can use 3xOsc’s as well for synths, just remember to tweak its properties to change the sound to your liking.

4. Loops – Adding live organ, guitar, and sax loops are a nice effect for the song, gives it more groove. If you sample old funk and rock songs, make sure you consult the owner for permission. To adjust the loop to your track’s bpm, go click on the channel, right-click the small fit box and click “Auto-Detect”, that way it should adjust to the tracks bpm. Add a granulizer if you want to preserve the pitch. Make sure to right click the channel and right click “Cut Itself” to make sure theres no loops overlapping.

5. Mastering – Then adjust the EQ on the main channel to get the right sound, even out the volume and make sure not instruments distort and blurr due to loudness. And that’s about it, render it to an MP3 file an upload it on you InternetDJ.com profile so people can check out your new work. You can also do more editing by using diffrent programs like Goldwave or Sonar.

Remember, if the house song has alot of variety and a funky feel to it with some good synths or loops, then the better it is.

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