The latest release from St. Germain, “Boulevard” will finally be available in the US. Take a listen to a complete MP3 track from the album, exclusively from internetdj!

“Boulevard” is available in stores and online right now. Click here to check it out.

Our Favorite Track: Alabama Blues

Originally released overseas in 1995, Boulevard served as a cornerstone for a legion of artists and producers seeking to explore house music’s organic roots. A groundbreaking pioneer of the “French Touch,” Ludovic Navarre’s undeniable influence is heard in the work of enormously successful artists like Daft Punk and Air. Championed by heavy club play from infamous house DJs like François K, Tony Humphries and Masters at Work, Navarre’s sought-after 12″s remain seminal releases from Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications label. In retrospect, Boulevard’s luxurious, French sophistication and jazz-inflected elegance has been an essential part of deep house’s musical development.

It just may be the most compelling history lesson you’ll ever have.
Wildly embraced across England and Europe, in 2000 St. Germain made their US debut with Tourist, a highly lauded masterpiece of African-diaspora genre exploration, selling over 600,000 copies to over 40 countries worldwide, including 200,000 in the US. Ludovic Navarre’s reputation as a producer/DJ, combined with St. Germain’s orchestral line-up, garnered them a “Best Live Show of the Year” award from URB magazine in 2001. The American thirst for St. Germain’s sound is rooted in the nationwide notoriety of underground deep house. Since its release in 1995, Boulevard has sold 300,000 copies worldwide, but was never released in the US…until now.

Boulevard: New Version, the Complete Series features two special extra songs, including the rare early hit “Alabama Blues,” taken from 1999’s From Detroit to St. Germain, a compilation of cuts recorded over seven years.

MP3 Tracks
Alabama Blues

Complete Track Listing
1. Deep In It
2. Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did)
3. Street Scene
4. Easy To Remember
5. Sentimental Mood
6. What’s New?
7. Dub Experience Ii
8. Forget It
9. Alabama Blues

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