Their December, 2015 debut single, 'Far Away' was released under Warner Music Singapore and reached #1 on the iTunes Dance Chart. Their follow-up single, 'Shoot for the Moon' went to #3 on the iTunes overall chart and #1 on the dance chart. It also featured on Spotify's Viral Top 50 playlist.
Their debut EP, 'Rule it All' launched in September, 2016 and debuted at #2 on the iTunes overall album chart and #1 on the dance chart. It features collaborations with multiple contestants from The Voice (US & UK) as well as remixes from producers from three different continents. In 2017, the team released 'Leave My Mind' alongside the ex-child star, Ming Bridges, and Fulses. The track charted in 8 countries on iTunes and reached #2 on Singapore's Spotify Viral Top 5.

Rank: #94

Monthly Listeners: 159,223

Annual Earnings:

Country: Sweden and Australia


Website: /artist/rave-republic