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Here is my song La Porte du Soleil. This song is special in some ways: I got the idea in my head back in Late 2000, when I was drawing a comic-based dice-pen RPG of the same name as the song. I imagined what could be the theme song if that D&D-style game comic ever made it into a video game format. However, back then I did not have any software to compose music, and with the years I forgot about the song. In 2011, I started having memories of the idea again, after checking back my old comic books again, and eventually decided to make the song. The difference, however, is that now it's kinda like power metal rather than my original '80s style idea. However, the entire melody until the keyboard solo starts has been in my head for a decade. In summary, here is a new song from me, that stayed in my head for over a decade before finally making it to a music software. The style might remind you of Quest for the Legendary Axe, which I made one year ago. The title "La Porte du Soleil" means The Gate of the Sun in English. I kept the name in French because the original story it was gonna be used as intro for was a French game. The song is from the album Tales of the Knight of the Moon. All images used in this video are from the original comic book and were made by me from September 2000 to February 2001.

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