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Alexdoparis - HOT KILT

House | uploaded 4 yrs, 3 mths ago | from The Internet

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 Alexdoparis is surprising us once again with the originality of this production, 100% dancefloor ! It’s been more than 50 years that “Scotland the Brave” the official Scottish hymn had not been released or revisited ! ALexdoparis is giving us his own house version, generous in its harmonies, with groovy electro parts. A really festive, efficient track. Get prepared to welcome “HOT KILT” in worldwide clubs. With a remix by Marcus (Titan, Electroshock).


Alexdoparis - Hot Kilt (Joys Productions, 22 Oct. 2012) 
Original version by Alexdoparis. Remix by Marcus.
Original composition by Vince Eckerman : "Scotland the Brave" . With permission by Music Masters Ltd.



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