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Chloe Martinez - Rainbow

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 Chloe Martinez - Rainbow (Chloe Production - Joys Music, May 2012) - PROMO JOYS

Original version : Chloe Martinez
Remix : Ultimate Breakers

After “Over the Moon” and “Cosmos”, Chloé Martinez called Julie Rose after hearing her voice in a Live Band show. The young Dj wanted to add a suave voice on the instrumental version and propose the project to Julie immediately inspired. After few month working on it, the track was ready to attract the ear of all. 
Chloe shows the best side of the night life with a very Girly and Fresh Music Video shot in London. 
Not stopping to those steps, Chloé went to Paris exposing the video to her partners and received the best feedback from the exhibitors, radios, TVs and Labels. After few propositions she decides to keep her project close to her and ask recommendations to her friends. 
Chloé Martinez has one more time proves her talent with the quality of her project, She surprises and is following closer by those who discovered her work. 
Attractive and powerful, lot of her partners can see on her the rising star of tomorrow.


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