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Jeremy Despres feat. Florence François - It's Over

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  Jeremy Despres.
For sure, this name will echo in every club and radio, conveyed by his brand new single release « It’s Over », performed by the talented vocalist and writer Florence François.
Prestigious and dreamlike as his “Follow Me I’m Crazy” concept, the original versions will be out on Itunes on March 12th, and the finger-licking good remixes of Greg Armano, Nicko Vibe and Bisbetic will follow up on April 23rd. Jeremy Despres’s first 2012 single will turn out to be a reference on the House music scene, and should be watched closely.

Jeremy Despres feat. Florence François - It's Over (Joys Productions, March 2012) 
Original Version : Jeremy Despres. Arranged by Danny Wild.
Remixes : Greg Armano, Bisbetic, Nicko Vibe.

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