Coming Down Happy

The Devil Lives Inside Of Her Vagina

House | uploaded 4 yrs, 6 mths ago | from United Kingdom

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Despite this track being the first on the album, it was the last of the four to be created and in a much faster fashion. It was born out of frustration, as I was struggling to get And As Soon As I Ejaculated finished, and needed something to put my mind into a better space. And it worked!

I was inspired mostly by the song WTF by Ok Go, with its immediate stickiness and interesting time signatures. As a result, it's one of the more poppier songs on the record and definitely the most fun/least serious. The video, on the other hand, was the most detailed and hardest to pull off. Regardless, it was a great way to set the scene and introduce some of the key characters, as well as hinting at the disasters to come.

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