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Original Producer Power 4 continious mix 2012 trance house

House | uploaded 4 yrs, 8 mths ago | from United States

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First of all, i want to promise you this mix is HOTTEST and 100% original. This mix is unique because i am not using known top songs and mix them then get fame + views for themselves. This mix is not like that. I have teamed up with 3 producers to create this power 4 mix. We are all indie artist and all songs you hear in this mix are original. 1) Dj Transaction: From Brooklyn N.Y. 30yrs old trance house fusion producer. Underground trance specialist. 2) Avello(Samuel Ekholm): 17Yr old from Stockholm, Sweden. Mainstream club rocking house Music producer. 3) ForensiK MistaKe(aka Koolmets): From N.Y.C. EDM producer specializing in Progressive Club Banging house tracks. 4) XTATICA: From United Kingdom, he has 12+ years production experience. He makes beautiful classic style techno trance. Specialist in vocal trance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track List (name of song will also flash for 15 secs on screen in intro): 1) Avello - I Believe 00.00 2) Xtatica - Like s Star 03:45 3) ForensiK MistaKe - Fortifly (club mix) 08:25 4) Dj Transaction - Trance Mirror (Debute Edition ecstasy mix)11:53 5) Avello - Let it In (Vocals from: 'Josh Woodward - Let It In)' 14:51 6) ForensiK MistaKe - Paradise Discovered original mix 18:36 7) ForensiK MistaKe - Polarized original mix 22:39 8) Dj Transaction - Trance House mix special 3 AKA GOOMBA 25:51 9) Xtatica - My angel xtatica Vs Mhyst 29:40 10) Xtatica - Play the Bass 33:58 11) Xtatica - Give me a Reason - Featuring Patricia Edwards 38:33 12) Dj Transaction - Cybernetic Implant (end the mix with down tempo) 41:56 ------------------------------------------------FYI----------------------------------------------- Mixed and produced by Dj Transaction This was a challenge for me because i had to mix these songs. They are all different BPM and out of Key but as a producer, i have a few tricks to mend them together. Also i took lot of time picking out just the right pic that is royalty free for this video. Enjoy the graphics. The pictures move very slowly. ----------------------------------------------contact us--------------------------------------- Dj Transaction: AVELLO: ForensiK MistaKe: XTATICA:

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