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 NEW RELEASE FOR 21 FEB, G-RANGE - LIFE IS HARD "Rapper??...that word is way too small to describe me, I’m an artist, my music and visuals work together" G-Range.

G-range’s determination and sheer persistence holds no boundaries. Ever since he started out as an artist at the age of 18, he has been through the trenches and back again but he is no quitter. With his energetic and spontaneous persona he has performed all over the UK alongside the likes of N-Dubz, Kano, Sway to name a few and completely tearing down popular shows such as ILUVLIVE, THE SUNDAY SHOW and JUMP OFF. The cliché term "unique artist" is used by many but only executed by a few. G-Range Gabriel doesn't fail in falling into that category. From his visuals to his rhyming delivery, he definitely stands in a league of his own. His music touches on everyday scenarios with a witty and po-tent delivery which has led him to be playlisted on KISS100 Shortee Blitz and BBC1XTRA Ras Kwame, Richie Vibe Vee and also gained support not only in the UK but also Mexico, US, South Africa and East Europe. G-Range Gabriel is also Head Ambassador for the brand “NO LABELS” a UK based establishment aimed at breaking the mould. G-Range has been representing the brand from 2005. www.contentiomusic.com

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