[The next hit of 2012] You come into my mind - Arthur Nerino Remix

House | uploaded 4 yrs, 10 mths ago | from Italy

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Questo il remix di Arthur Nerino della fantastica traccia "You come into my mind - A-Moon & Marco Zardi "
follow me:

Stay with me
tell me love what do you say?
I don't know
because you don't get down make love
Move on
is that you make me feel
Follow me
in the night of this dream
Are you ready?
I believe in only you
moving fast and moving slow
I want that you
you stay with me
I want that you
you stay here now
because you don't
don't touch me now
you come into my mind

Shallalalala just keep on moving now
Shallalalala this rhytmin can bring out
Shallalalala you come into my mind
Shallalalala can always turn around

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