RESOLUME - ABLETON - DSP TRIGGER - Kostistlac - GET FIRED AGAIN - vj-ing promo

House | uploaded 5 yrs, 2 mths ago | from Slovakia

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... this is a video of live vj-ing version of KOSTISTLACs track GET FIRED AGAIN produced on ELEKTRON MACHINEDRUM. RESOLUME is full controlled by audio and midi from ABLETON LIVE. Some parameters are directly controlled by audio (flash clips). Clips triggering, changing of blend modes, changing of layers, changing of decks and muting and unmuting, of internal RESOLUME effects (also controlled by midi from ABLETON LIVE). MIDI notes are generating in ABLETON with vst DSP Trigger - audio to midi and randomized by internal ABLETON random effect.

This is not an art ... just a proof it works!!!

music: KOSTISTLAC - GET FIRED AGAIN - download at:

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