Clokx - Catch Your Fall

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Clokx started out as a
side project of DJ Ron van den Beuken back in 2003, not realizing then it would
become one of his biggest successes. The project hit like a bomb with it's first hit
single "Clocks"; the first one to use the now famous Coldplay piano riff as used in
my many successful dance tracks afterwards. The fresh, energetic sound spread like a
fever throughout the continent and was rewarded with domination in European dance

Early 2010 Martijn de Vries joined forced with Ron and together they lifted Clokx to
a new level. Strong vocals from Dutch singer and model Karlijn together with
pop-trance influences resulted in the now typical cross-over Clokx freshness. A new
sound was born. "Catch Your Fall" gained wide audience appreciation and entered
different important radio and music charts in the Netherlands. Right now it has over
1 million clicks on YouTube. Clokx next singles "Time of my Life" and �Oddity� and
"No more games" are ready for the European release and will rock the clubs worldwide
soon! In October will starts a big Tour in China.

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