S.U.G.A – D.A.D.D.Y – Means P.A.Y. M.Y. B.I.L.L.S (feat. Dreadlox Holmes)

House | uploaded 5 yrs, 7 mths ago | from Italy

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Debut Single and Video From FollyFlò feat Dreadlox Holmes Song Written Music & Lyrics By Steve Wellington AKA Dreadlox Holmes & Lyrics by FollyFlò, Produced by Dreadlox Holmes 4 Havavision Productionz Mixed & Mastered By Giovanni Roma, Video Executive producer & Concept : Floriana Gentile Production: Wrong Way Pictures Directed by: Vittorio D. Guidotti Visual Design & VFX assistant: Stefano Lemon Photography: Nicola di Roma Edit by: Vittorio D. Guidotti Set designer: Simona di Meo Fashion editor: Roberto Rubino & Simona Di Meo Make up artists: Roberto Rubino & Enrico Versus Hair stylist: Roberto Rubino Coreographer: Giovanni Minerva aka Enet Dancers: Lupa, MorWen, Maddy, Rosa, B-Boy Realx Artwork Designer: Miss Valentine Casting: Floriana Gentile, with remixes from Salwio, Marco Corvino, Swared aka Lino Di Meglio, Sabrina Carnevale, DJ Alexia, Max Rosardo, BM feat Kid Afrika, Glitches, and Audio Pusher.

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