Baby Loves to Dance

House | uploaded 5 yrs, 12 mths ago | from Canada

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 A mix of some of my digital art of famous female pop stars, Betty Boop public domain footage and other fun stuff, mashed together to create sequences for the video Baby Loves to Dance available on my current release "The Chase is On."

One Stop Licensing
Label: Administered for the world by Attack Media Group - KrushedIceEnt/Interscope/UniversalMusicgroup, Krushed Ice Entertainment
Management: Mark Berry (mark@attackmediagroup.com) 
P:  416 340 9111  
Every note, every sequence has a purpose -- has a story. fpc's emotions absolutely boils over. And there is no escaping that realization of that talent that lies beneath. It is pure, it is skilled, it is intelligent. The ability to take an emotion or thought and transform it into such masterpieces is more than extraordinary. I call it a fusion of Mozart meets the electronic age. 

I'm literally blown away by the raw talent. There is no doubt, you will be, too! 

enjoy !!

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