South American Beauty Culture--A Good Selection II

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 2 mths ago | from United States

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†A revised version of a song from the "Taxi Driver"†series as per the suggestions of Dj Trip VanWinkle. The stellar psychedelic video was conceived and created by Antonius Block.

Awkward interactions and pathetic self-reassuranceóno not meóTravis Bickle before reality and psychotic breakdowns are one in the same. The music atmosphere and the song's idiosyncratic form are meant to refelect his widening gap from meaningful social interactions and any sense of what he can do to be human.

The video not only underscores the character's disjunction between himself and everyone around him--it enhances this sensation by focusing on a scene devoid of intimacy. Travis Bickle is waiting for his personal sun, a sun that will never shine.

The 720p HD version can be viewed by clicking the following link:

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