Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space

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Remembered by many as the follow-up to their breakthrough smash in their native Germany 'Exploration of Space' (2000) was actually 'Fire Wire's predecessor. Fittingly then it kicks off this remix run of Nic and Bossi's earlier tracks, all taken from the 'Rythm & Drums and 'No More Sleep' albums.

The pair themselves give 'Exploration of Space' a pristine, bang-up-to-date remix; one that locks the original's key riff in, but recalibrates everything else to 2011 levels. Long, speaker-ripping beats, cable burning sub-synths and that vociferous, once-heard, never-forgotten lead line all conspire to knock 'Exploration' out of the park.

Across its remixes, 'Back 2 the Future' mirrors Bossi and Nic's musical eclecticism and that's brought sharply into focus early in the game with Dirty Herz housey repaint. Fresh off the back of their Lock 'n' Load 'Blow Ya Mind' remix, the South African pair have re-ploughed 'Space' with rotund bass, shudder-judder beats, Chuckie-like electro-liners and an exciting elevator-esque up 'n' down of non-stop peaks and drops.

Concluding this first package is another German production duo. Famed for a long list of left-of-centre house-to-trance takes, Spencer & Hill plump for an atypical funkin' version-excursion. Bleeps, warps, phasers and wild keyboard runs soundclash with the panning, modulating, damage-delivering mainline to colossal effect!


Exploration Of Space (Cosmic Gate's Back 2 The Future Remix)

Exploration Of Space (Spencer & Hill Remix)

Exploration Of Space (Dirty Herz Remix)

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