Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Mix)

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Nadia Ali brings together world renowned DJ's onto one Dance Album to produce Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition. Following the first edition in the Queen of Clubs Trilogy entitled 'Ruby Edition', Nadia Ali presents 'Onyx Edition', the second instalment in the trilogy featuring a collection of Nadia Ali's greatest hits remixed by distinguished global DJ producers in the Electronic Dance Music Industry.

The 'Onyx Edition' includes the massive hit singles 'Rapture' (newly remixed by Swedish superstar DJ/Producer, Avicii), 'Is It Love' (Ron Reeser & Dan Saez Mix), and 'Love Story' (The Scumfrog Mix). Other remixes are by: Afrojack (Dutch DJ/Producer), EDX (Swiss DJ/Producer), Alex Kenji (Italian DJ/Producer), David Tort (Spanish DJ/Producer), Cedric Gervais (French DJ/Producer), TyDi (listed as Australia's #2 DJ), KhomHa (Colombian DJ/Producer), Myon & Shane 54 (Hungarian Trance Duo), DJ Shah (German DJ/Producer), Sunn Jellie, Niklas Gustavsson, Kevin Alves, Sebastian Krieg & Roman F, and finally the only lady on this DJ remix package, Niki McNally. Also featured on this package is the catalogue of dance collaborations Nadia Ali has appeared on with John Creamer & Stephane K, Tocadisco, Chris Reece, Serge Devant, and a brand new release exclusive to Onyx entitled 'That Day' (Dresden & Johnston remixed by Trance Duo, Tritonal).

Nadia Ali's unique and lush vocal presence is featured throughout on this brilliantly mixed and mastered dance album. 'Onyx Edition' breathes an air of inspirational listening as every word of every track draws you closer to the lyrics written by internationally recognized singer/songwriter Nadia Ali. The new perspectives on each track provided by this showcase of handpicked producers inherit the many forms of Electronic dance music from progressive house to funky electro to house and trance.

The 'Onyx Edition' truly demonstrates again the success and acclaim Nadia Ali receives by DJ/Producers worldwide with another Jewel in the crown of 'Queen of Clubs' Nadia Ali, a Queen of Dance Music excellence.

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