Showtek - The F-Track

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Analogue Players In A Digital World is the follow-up to the classic album Today Is Tomorrow (2007). After the release of this double-album, containing massive hits like FTS, Colour Of The Harder Styles and Shout Out, their popularity got bigger than life. They received many awards in 2008, and have been honored three more times with awards in 2009. Also, Showtek was the first hardstyle act in history to do an Essential Mix for the worldwide acclaimed BBC1 Radio with Millions of listeners. The album will be released simultaneously with the event that puts all eyes on their second major project.

Showtek is in 2009 worldwide considered the #1 Hard Dance act. The list of countries where these two youngster attended to play in the last couple of months is absurd; Australia, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, USA, Spain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, England, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Wales.

Only in the months July & August they almost spend an astonishing 150 hours on a airplane to do an amazing 30 shows across the world, thats more then six whole days?!

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