Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 3 mths ago | from United States

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One of the most anticipated releases in Axtone's 5 year history finally arrives and with it brings not 1 but 2 barnstorming remixes c/o Axwell., one of which is a Remode alongside fellow Swede Henrik B.

Adrian Lux is a new name to many though one who has found fans via the blogosphere with his unmistakably Swedish tracks such as 'Strawberry' & 'Can't Sleep' but with 'Teenage Crime' Adrian is poised to win legions of new fans both in clubs and on the radio.

The full package includes an extended version of Adrian's Original, Axwell Remix and the Axwell & Henrik B Remode, which also features on Axtone's debut compilation; 'Axwell presents Axtone Volume 1'.

Directed by: Tobias Hansson
Produced by: La Vida Locash / TS Produktion

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