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One of the greatest beauties in any genre of music is that one track in particular can touch the soul of someone and change their life forever. For Markus Schulz, this hypothesis holds true.

At the turn of the millennium, Markus found himself living in the suburbs of London, on Brixton's Coldharbour Lane, in an attempt to discover his true inner sound. Through his long nights in the studio and attending clubbing nights across the city, such as the iconic Turnmills, he seized various elements that would contribute towards the Coldharbour sound that we love and admire today. However, one track opened his eyes like never before - Cass & Slide's iconic "Perception".

In any subsequent interview he has conducted over the past 10 years, Markus cites Perception as the track he wished me made himself, a testament to how much it has continued to influence him. And in the summer of 2008, Markus made his own update of the track for his livesets that year, in instrumental form.

Fast forward to December 2009, and four days before the historic Best of Both Worlds event in Amsterdam. Longtime friend and one of the leading vocalists across the electronic genre, Justine Suissa, teamed up with Sacha Collison - who wrote the vocals for Perception originally for Naimee Coleman in 2000. And thanks to Justine's vocals, Perception blossomed into life, and many fans of the new generation suddenly realised this track's importance to the history of dance music.

Given his blessing by old friend Peter Martin (Slide), Markus was honored to include his interpretation of Perception on his Do You Dream album. A surprise to many, but everyone across the community were delighted with this development. A staple in his Global DJ Broadcast World Tour sets, Perception remains one of the most requested tracks in Markus' playlists today.

To top it all off, Markus announced during his interview with Armin van Buuren at A State Of Trance 450 in Poland that he had recruited Finnish duo Super8 & Tab for remix duty - one of the rising stars in trance over recent years. Their result is a tough and upfront take on the original, perfect for those peaktime moments in the big arenas and festivals, already demonstrated at Amnesia in Ibiza on several occasions.

Perception is best described as the signature Markus Schulz experience crammed into the space of 12 minutes. It is a track that is so special to him, and a track that is special to so many of his followers.

When the dust settles on the Summer of Schulz 2010, many will remember it as the year the iconic Perception was brought back to life.

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