Laidback Luke ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Till Tonight

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 4 mths ago | from United States

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After converting clubs and dance floors everywhere from Ibiza to London, Laidback Luke blasts back into the stratosphere with his new, hard hitting single 'Till Tonight'featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn. Set in Barcelona, it follows the story of 3 girlfriends who, after breaking up with one of their boyfriends, look to banish the blues and wipe away the cobwebs with a super-fuelled night out. Queue Luke and his jacking, big room dutch-house sounds. providing the perfect soundtrack to this night of purgatory...stabbing basslines, pulsing synths and luscious vocals from R'n'B favourite Jonathan Mendelsohn set the tone for many a similar evening, every night, the world over. As you can see, It's guaranteed to bring out the most special powers in the most ordinary of human beings. These lovely ladies have....."

Laidback Luke ft Jonathan Mendelsohn - Till Tonight is out on Mixmash Records (

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