BT ft.JES - Every Other Way

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 5 mths ago | from United States

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BT's latest single release "The Rose Of Jericho" continues to be incredibly successful and makes everyone very curious about his upcoming album. This new single, "Every Other Way", already turned out to be a favourite of many of his fans, simply because of its slow paced, almost singer song writer class. But with the heavenly vocals of JES, we wanted to extend the potential of the original some more. Finally you can lay your hands on not just the radio edit and album version, but also three stupendous, state of the art remixes. Armin van Buuren gave the track his trademark high energy trance treatment and delivered a perfect floor filler for the big rooms. Phunk Investigation stripped the original completely and comes up with a rough edged version, leaving the break almost untouched, perfect for the loud club nights, while the Whelan & Di Scala Remix focuses on a more pop drive version that may remind us a bit of the sound of the Killers, for instance. All in all a package with three super fat remixes for every professional DJ out there! More Info:

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