Chicane feat. Adam Young - Middledistancerunner

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July 26th sees the release of both the new studio album “Giants” and the single ‘Middledistancerunner’ , featuring a vocal from Owl City’s Adam Young. The album has a few guest appearances, some uncredited, some not - Lemar boldly makes an appearance on ‘What am I Doing Here (part 2)’ and Tash Andrews, sometime live vocalist with the band appears too on ‘Hiding All the Stars’.

This album is an updated but voracious return to the Chicane of old. Nick describes it as ‘related but evolved to the older albums’. Certainly tracks leaked through official websites have sparked more than a wave of excitement. In some ways it is isn’t what people expect, but it is maybe what they want.
Giants – released by Modena Records on July 26th 2010 - www.chicanemusic.com

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