Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It (Nicola Fasano Remix)

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 7 mths ago | from United States

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 If you don't know 'I Like To Move It'...where have you just arrived from? One of the most well known dance crossover hits ever, never mind just the '90s, the pinnacle of Reel 2 Real's half-dozen hit career was delivered to an even bigger audience in this decade thanks to its use in not just one but both Madagascar movies.

Untouched since 1994 (there have been countless covers of course, not least by the redoubtable Crazy Frog), we're making up for lost opportunities with a fistful of new versions in a kaleidoscope of styles. Sidney Samson and Klaas both go for edgier, clubbier mixes than their respective crossover hits, while Bart B More adds his distinctive touch and the UK's Virus Syndicate twist up a bizarre new grime/dubstep take complete with new vocals.

The US is represented by an electro-rave dub from Florida's Dennis Demens, Mark M and Felipe Kaval and a right up in your face version from Harry Choo Choo vs Erick Morillo. Only Nicola Fasano dares to confront the commercial with a confident mix that plays big with both vocal and musical hooks.

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