AnnaGrace - Celebration

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Celebration! Of course we will, because Celebration is the title of AnnaGrace's new single. A sequel to the hit singles Love keeps calling, Let the feelings go and You make me feel, three big hits that hit the sky and topped the billboard dance charts. Now there is Celebration, a promising next step. It crowns the young career of the Limburg Annemie Coenen - yes, she is a true Belgian girl - who has been scoring hits for almost ten years, both in Belgium and abroad. She is the only Flemish girl who was able to take away with a Top of the Pops-award from under Moby's nose!

Celebration, too, because AnnaGrace's new single is also a prequel to her new album, Ready To Dare. An ambitious project, surely, aiming to get lots of airplay. Ready To Dare is a well-tested blend of infectious dance pop with a twist of trance. Ian Van Dahl, anyone? But Ready To Dare is more than just a record: it is a fashionable way of life. Gracious AnnaGrace dares to write her own songs, something she can be - together with Peter Luts - very proud of. Now you.

Video Rleased May 27, 2010

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