Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Visual rework by contest winner)

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We have a winner!
Just before Christmas, with the love and sharing spirit up, we started a little contest for the creative Armin fans. To celebrate over 40 million views of Armins collab with Sharon den Adel on In And Out Of Love, we challenged you to come up with a completely new video for the track, representing your vision of love.

The unconditional love of family and friends is the central theme of Markellos Michaelides video. Shot in Palekhori, a traditional village in Cyprus, his In & Out Of Love features most of his brothers and sisters. A unique mix of dance moves, childrens play and the beautiful scenery made this video stand out. Therefore, Armin would like to announce Markellos Michaelides as the official winner of the In & Out Of Love video contest. Congrats to Markellos! Not only does he win a complete Armin package, his video will also be featured on Armins YouTube channel.

Video Released March 12, 2010

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