CJ Stone & Chriss Ortega ft. Lyck - In The Red Light

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 8 mths ago | from United States

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German producers CJ Stone and Chris Ortega both had their share of experience in dance industry. CJ released his first track in 1998, while Chriss has 6 years on his counter. Joined forces, they make magical things happen. Joining the party, is Danish vocalist Lyck, to give In The Red Light a warm and soulful voice.
In The Red Light will take hold of you with a tempting beat, get stuck in your mind with its contagious vocals and touch your soul with a prog-hous and trancy melody. A track with the real Pilot 6 spirit.
The release of In The Red Light is accompanied by remixes of Michael Kaye and and also serves a Red Light Mix and Stone & Ortega Mix from the duo themselves. Ignite in the red light, with this absolute highlight.

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