Aly & Fila ft. Denise Rivera - My Mind is With You

House | uploaded 6 yrs, 9 mths ago | from United States

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The very first release of the Future Sound of Egypt label since its joined forces with Armada Music hits in with a loud bang. A prosperous future lies ahead for this label, with Egyptian duo Aly & Fila as the driving force of all things quality trance.

Aly & Fila grew into being one of the most popular producer duos in the trance scene, conquering a 22nd position in the DJ Mag Top 100 only one year after their new entry. Trance lovers all across the globe are familiar with their sound, as heard on previous successes such as Eye of Horus, Breath of Life, Lost Language and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah, Lange and many more. Their Future Sound of Egypt label became known as a pool for new talent and high standard trance music from uplifting to the deeper side of it. By teaming up with Armada Music, Aly & Fila are at the exact right place to introduce the crowd to their sounds and ideas.
My Mind Is With You is the first gem to be released from the Egyptian treasury of Aly & Fila. With strong vocals by Denise Rivera, who previously enforced productions by Cosmic Gate, Leon Bolier and Joop, My Mind Is With You adds a nice and warm uplifting touch to any trance set.

Dutch duo W&W, currently blazing around with their Alligator F*ckhouse release, added a deeper and more progressive sound to My Mind Is With You, without losing the big room effect theyre known for. In their remix and Dub mix, youll find all danceable elements you need.

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