Flairs - Radio EP

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Radio, taken from debut album "Sweat Symphony", is Flairs' new single.  A true teenager anthem, the song is a clumsy declaration of love, a boy trying to explain his feelings to his high-school sweetheart and how there is love in the airwave between them. All of Flairs mighty signature sound is there (fuzzy bass + catchy-as-hell synth hooks + powerful beat + Alex Gopher at the mixing desk) only this time, the melody will grab you and never let you go. Not unlike Weezer's sensitive power-pop on more electro vibe, 3'30" and adlib is all it takes to make you feel like you've known that song your entire life.

The title track comes with three brilliant remixes as Flairs summoned the A-team of the French electro-pop scene: Tahiti 80 for a 60s garage rework, reggae & funky for newcomers Jamaica and Mellow with a very, well mellow version. But whatever way you play it, the bubble-gum chorus will stick your ears to Flairs' “Radio.”

The video, courtesy of Ben&Julia - already behind the wonderful Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree family's 1973 vid - takes Flairs on a (take a deep breath) = psychedelic 80's sci-fi B-Movie trip. File it between Moebius's poetic world and Flash Gordon über-kitsch  flashy suits and cheesy special effects. Beam me up Flairs!

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