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The Kissaway Trail (Bella Union), from Odense, Denmark, are releasing their 12-track LP, entitled Sleep Mountain via Bella Union on April 20th, 2010.  Eleven of the tracks are original, and one is a cover of the haunting Neil Young song, “Philadelphia,” the title track from the 1993 motion picture by Jonathan Demme. Sleep Mountain is a brilliant sonic assault. With all 5 band members sharing vocal duties, 4 on guitar and 2 on keys, the sound results in glorious melodies, epic choruses, and high octane energy. This pop-savvy rock band arrives on US shores to open arms and will play here for the first time in 2 years with performances at SXSW.
The clanging of church bells on the bombastic opener, “SDP” leads the charge into the panoramic sensation of the album. Sleep Mountain guides listeners through varying moods and emotions with dramatic cadences. Album standout, “Don’t Wake Up” is an impressive tune showcasing the use of euphoric electronic sounds and raw guitars, displaying what this band does best. “Beat Your Heartbeat” is one of the most joyous yet melancholic songs on the record with its dramatic drum patterns and multiple vocal chorus repeatedly chanting “they will beat your heartbeat.” Sleep Mountain is a contemporary, timeless and vulnerable rock album.

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