The Bloody Beetroots - ROMBORAMA

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SIR BOB CORNELIUS RIFO & TANINO LIBERATORE recently released "ROMBORAMA", the highly-anticipated debut album from THE BLOODY BEETROOTS. This is the fusion of two concepts, describing Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo's anarchical musica opera. The album destroys the notion of "musical genre", expanding the meaning of "Music" during a period in which this term is in serious jeopardy. In this collection of twenty original tracks, the only common denominator is "electronic". It is a journey into the mind of Sir Bob, oscillating between techno, punk, classical and baroque, soundtrack for film, house, italo-disco and hip hop.

Along with the release of the Official "ROMBORAMA" Music Video, DIM MAK RECORDS is releasing never before heard tracks from THE BLOODY BEETROOTS' "CHRISTMAS VENDETTA... SPARES OF ROMBORAMA" EP, available now!

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