Pylon - Beep

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Fresh off the DFA re-release of their legendary sophomore record CHOMP, PYLON has unearthed the original video for their single "Beep." Shot by the band and their crew on Super-8 and VHS in the early '80s, the video is a trippy is a glimpse into the Chomp-era Pylon on the road.

“It captures pretty much what we were about at that point in time,” said frontwoman Vanessa Hay. “We were a playful, irreverent bunch of artists who also happened to be musicians.” 

Originally conceived as “video postcards” from Pylon’s travels around the country, the music video for “Beep” documents the band as they traveled the US in the early ’80s, stopping at skeevy hotels between shows, performing at venues large and small (including a Manhattan rooftop), and even paying a visit to the Reagan-era White House. Edited together by Pylon’s Michael Lachowski, the video saw the light of day exactly once, when it aired on MTV’s "120 Minutes." After showing up on MTV, the video was forgotten until it was re-discovered earlier this year, and is now available for public consumption.

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