Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff

House | uploaded 7 yrs, 4 mths ago | from United States

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The music video for ‘Ghosts N Stuff’ was shot on location in Toronto, Joel Zimmerman’s (aka Deadmau5) home town, and is typical of his style not to take himself too seriously as an artist. The surreal and light-hearted video follows Deadmau5 dying in a hospital (which is actually a working mental institution in real-life) and then returning as an inept, corporal ghost, who uses a skateboard to travel through the city - visiting mundane locations like a coin laundry. He is slightly ostracised, until eventually he is invited to a party full of other strange characters. Finally, the party is intercut with scenes in the hospital and the viewer realizes that it was a strange dream – Deadmau5 wakes up as himself again.

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