Eva Simons - Silly Boy

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The online emergence of a new track entitled ‘Silly Boy’ caused ripples of excitement and speculation when it arrived earlier this year. Early rumours suggested that it could be Rihanna’s damning response to errant boyfriend Chris Brown; later it was attributed to pop sensation Lady GaGa. Such was its impact that even Kanye West shared this mysterious new hit by posting it on his blog.

5 millions views later – and following countless copycat videos – the song’s creator was unveiled. And to everyone’s surprise it was neither Rihanna nor Lady GaGa, but it did herald the introduction of an inimitable new talent in the shape of striking Dutch vocalist Eva Simons. Now ‘Silly Boy’ receives its first official UK release on October 12th.

The track was produced by TearceKizzo’ Keaz and co-written by Keaz with British songwriter Mike Hamilton. 

Aside from the speculation about exactly who was behind it, it’s easy to see why ‘Silly Boy’ aroused such immediate interest. An effortless blend of elements of electro-pop and contemporary R&B infused with a killer hook makes ‘Silly Boy’ a scintillating experience that’s sure to reach an even wider audience. The track is already an established international hit having crashed into YouTube’s most viewed charts in territories including the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada.

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