Kamal Imani

I Will Make It! Niva Feat Kamal Supreme

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I Will Make It is an inspirational Holy Hip Hop & R&B song by Niva featuring Kamal Imani aka Kamal Emanuel. 
Enjoy this uplifting song and video! 

Support Good and Positive Music! 

produced by Newblackmusic.net Brother Jonathan 
Bless The Mic Innertainment/RevolutionaryArt 

Inhale a dose of inspirational and positive Hip Hop & R&B while you can rock and dance to this song about self improvement, self motivation and triumph! 
Kamal & Niva dedicate this song to you and also to the Presidential candidacy of Mr. Barack Obama! This is the perfect song for anyone from children to teenagers and adults as well who can use that boost of optimism! Real hip hop and R&B. Hip Hop lives! Produced and directed by Jonathan of Newblackmusic.net, written by Niva and Kamal Imani


I Will Make It!

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