Riots Of The World

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I created this video during the peak moments of the worst riots happening in Greece and other parts of the world and found it to be like something that I could try and reason with but only in the sense of not what was happening on the ground, but how the rights of the people stood up and fount back.

I put together 3 songs from various great well know artists that had a that element of sound that kind of went with the video footage.

I don't know how some will take it, but it is an art form albeit a You Tube montage.

I do not own any of the material used in this video but use it only for the sole pupose of putting some kind of emotional responce too what was happening on the ground at the time.

The video quality is only 360p to keep size down but still very clear and good sound its 18 minutes long.

Hope you find it intersesting cheers.

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