The Acorns - It's No Secret

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It's no secret Mad Squirrel is the king of the illegal underground psychedelic nut trade. Everyone wants to get high and is hooked from club kids to kids on the block. Mad Squirrel has been distributing to a shady business man who is really a FBI agent looking for the Pine Cone aka the ultimate high.

Video was written by Bisquite Scorsese and Sean Cameras / Metrospective
Directed by Bisquite Scorsese
Video shoot by Seannie Cameras / Metrospective Media
Set production was conducted by Bisquite Scorsese and Sean Cameras / Metrospective Media

Cast of Characters:
Mad Squirrel as King of the Illegal Psychedelic Nut Trade
Bisquite Scoresese as the FBI agent
BlakeNine as the Bonehead / Undercover Agent
The Character as The Character


This video came about sometime in March when BlakeNine approached Bisquite Scorsese about doing a visual for a track off of the new Acorns project. Bisquite has been honing his skills in video production for some time now. Assisting on sets, creating stories for his own videos. This was the perfect time to approach him to help us create new content for the project. Bisquite quickly got to work and came up with a treatment for “It’s No Secret”. The video was shot in a day on various locations between Washington DC and Virginia with the help of Sean O’Grady and Metrospective Media.

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