Rock the Tatas to Save the Mamas Dance Challenge, is a Breast Cancer Awareness and fund raising effort on the part of musical artist Super Klaus Santa aka: Christopher Wauben (of Holiday Florida) and his song "Rock the Tatas"!  The person or persons challenged are 
to do a dance (any dance they want) for the world to see to the song
 "Rock the Tatas" which can Be Downloaded for FREE at: or 
purchased at Amazon mp3, iTunes and many other digital stores!
And yes a portion of the royalties collected from Amazon, iTunes etc,
will be donated to various breast cancer charities!

   All those challenged are also highly encouraged to make a donation (but its not mandatory)
to their favorite Breast Cancer Charity if within their financial means!
Most charities can accept donations as little as a dollar and every dollars counts 
in the fight against breast cancer.

 Our Goal with the Rock the Tatas to Save the Mamas Dance Challenge is
to help Breast Cancer Charities World wide raise money and help save lives!

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