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ADAM CLAY and Astrit KURTAIM - HOLD YOU CLOSE - DANCE VOCAL (Joys Prod, May 12th 2014)

Including radio edit, extended mix, Tom Enzy & Kamy Aksell remix, Green Shadow and Roby Bajotti remix, Luca Testa remix.

The singer songwriter is now coming out on Joys Productions France with a new release entitled HOLD YOU CLOSE, in collaboration with Astrit Kurtaim.

Partying around the world, as he says, the famous singer of Mr Babylone, Born Again and Beautiful Life, once again gives us a quality project with efficient vocals and a perfect production.
Already supported by MatT Schutz, Raf Marchesini, Silvio Carrano, and DJ Marcus.

Imported from Italy.

Enjoy ;-)

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