Armin Only 2013 - Intense 'World Tour Announcement'

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 More info about the world tour and cities: http://www.arminonly.com

The new world tour is inspired by Armin's latest album, 'Intense'. Armin Only is a concept that started in the early days of Armin's career. Since the first editions in the early millennium years, the show has grown and come to life. Armin explains: "Unlike today, now that it's all based on short sets and quick highlights, it used to be all about the long sets, the musical trips. That's what Armin Only is based on -- to take the clubbers on a 6+ hour journey into music. Through the Armin Only - Intense shows, I can tell them the full story of my 'Intense' album -- in fact of everything I'd like to say." 

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