Coming Down Happy

Stupid Superhero Should Have Let Me Die

Dubstep | uploaded 3 yrs, 4 mths ago | from United Kingdom

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 The idea for this different type of offering came from the following question: what would it sound like if Jeff Buckley and James Blake made a song together? The answer was, of course, nothing like this. But it's an interesting question all the same.
Above everything else, as this track developed, it became an amalgamation of contradictions. It was my most structurally and instrumentally standard piece, yet featured some of my most experimental moments. It was, in many ways, Coming Down Happy's softest song to date, yet still one of the most intense. And it was the first from the series to be completely profanity free, yet still presented the most perverse and creepy lyrics I have spat so far, in my opinion. All of which resulted in a song that wasn't the easiest to compose, but came out the other side as very rewarding and a welcome addition to the ever-growing family that came before.

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