Coming Down Happy

A Million Little Fingers Inside Of You

House | uploaded 3 yrs, 9 mths ago | from United Kingdom

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 Before The White EP was even launched, A Million Little Fingers Inside Of You had formed a shape. I knew what I wanted, I knew how to get it, and the whole piece fell into place quickly and easily, growing up as the perfect sinner, ushering in this new era of The Black EP.

Inspiration for this song is hard to pinpoint accurately. All I knew is that I envisioned the verses to be one constant snare assault, and I did briefly think of Death Grips' System Blower when I undertook that route. The chorus and first bridge, however, were a different thing altogether, as I had written those bits when I was around 22 years old or so, intending them to be used for a soft acoustic composition. The melody and chords always stuck with me, and so I was adamant they would get reused at some point in my future. That future was now. As for the outro-bridge, I intentionally put it together directly after listening to Dub Side Of The Moon by Easy Star All-Stars, aiming to capture that sound in some way. I nearly got it too.
The lyrics are important for many reasons, as not only do they stick tightly to the main story, but also introduce the crucial central character of Lizzie, our local superhero robot. Not to mention that the whole thing is overstuffed with so many meme references, that only a true internet junkie will find it lols. Add this with a video which features much superior drawings than those that came before, and you're left with a strong song which is of a standard I can feel very proud of.
And if nothing else, this may be the first track on the planet to use the Amen Break and the Wilhelm Scream at the same time, which deserves some sort of a medal, I think.

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