Noxious of AZ - Noxify Your Senses (Ft. Symatick & Isolyst)

House | uploaded 3 yrs, 9 mths ago | from United States

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Making Music; Opening Minds.

Sound is a sense subjectively taken in by one, yet commonly shared by many with similar tastes. Music in general is produced much like most of our food in the United States, and it has become diluted through the usage of widespread artificial ingredients and a lack of a healthy means toward preservation due to a faulty system engaged in adding unsustainable preservatives, while simultaneously mixing newer products with recycled material. This unwarranted, unhealthy intake and its corrupt producers are under attack by those who form an underground movement focused on cooking up concoctions with all-natural, organic elements that are used to ensure what is digested are wholly pure in every respect! One of these specialized underground cooks is known as: Noxious of AZ.

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