Bot'Ox - 2.4.1

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 Here's the video for "2.4.1," the second single from Bot'Ox's forthcoming sophomore album 'Sans Dormir' to be released as a six-piece series on I'm a Cliché records. 

"2.4.1." was shot by 25-year old French director Ugo Mangin in Sukhumvit district, Bangkok, Thailand. 
The "2.4.1" EP comes with four remixes by Cosmo Vitelli, Red Axes, Sandro Perri and Sano.
Director: Ugo Mangin. 
Line Producer: Roger Kanutam // ISIS Production. 
Editor: Gopal Puntos. 
Thanks to Elias Belkeddar, Pithai Pete Smithsuth, Christophe Guyot & J.A Luciani. 
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