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DJNAV feat Olga Belikova - Far Away (Official Video)

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 Original mix by DJNAV
Lyrics and Vocals Olga Belikova
Studio Recording and Vocal mix Taddy Schmitt
Mastering Sami Wentz
Video: Tiempo Liquido

Direction and Production :

Patricia Velásquez 
Oscar Herrera
Freddie Solorzano

Production Assistant

María Fernanda Schifanni 
Carol Campos

Cala Rossell
Jan Pfeiffer

Official Web Page

DJNAV is back with his first EP under Side B, he has been releasing amazing stuff on our previous compilations so this one will probably fit your bag too. This album includes the orginal version from DJNAV feat Olga Belikova(singer) and 3 remixes from David Gazel, Dizzy J & Andres Solano, all of them are Costa Rican artists with quite different style, Gazel will take you into a trance state, Dizzy J drives a soft & quiet beat with an incredible harmony, while Andres Solano keeps the strongest progressive beat.
His last EP (Far Away) was a big challenge and the result was wonderful. With many collaborations: Olga Belikova (RU) (Singer), Sami Wentz (FR)(Mastering), Taddy Schmitt (USA) (Studio Recording) . David Gazel (CR) (Remix Version), Andres Solano (CR)(Remix Version), Dizzy J(Remix Version)

Available on Itunes, Beatport, Amazon, Junodownload, Trackitdown and many more..

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