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United Kingdom
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Jack of all trades and master of ...well you tell me.... I could tell you I'm good at this or brilliant at that but I prefer people to make up your own minds. What she loves he might dislike so just place my work, my art, my music, my vision and my passion on show on websites like InternetDJ so you get to judge and I get to do all the other thinks that come with being a DJ....earning great sums of money while the girlz spend it! In truth I've been a paid DJ for ever and ever and there will always be those that are better than me. All I try to do is entertain you and play differently to anyone else. Originality is important and using art and muzik plus DA VIBE ensures that I may be the stranger at your party but I DO have a way of suprising people so best not stand artound and get on that dancefloor!!! Seek and you shall find. Google DJ Muzik-AL and enjoy the ride...(no you too lucy I'm talking to da booty shakerz lol)
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me, fat boy slim, dj muzik-al
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