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Republic Of Madussa
Dj/Producer/Audio Engineer
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house,world,downtempo,electronic,psyched elic trance
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After finishing my high school i got into djing randomly a friend of mine needed someone to takecare of his club's consol and i needed some easy money i jump in knowing nothing...in few days i started loving it..i was into music from the start...i took off with aerosmith and landed on dr kucho wally lopez style both of these artists are my loved onces... moved to the new city started working for a sound and light company which do live setups also install club sound as a dj i got in..setting up sound and lights for music festivals made me chilled thats how i got into chill. 3 to 4 days nonstop working at the festival made me psychedelic i became SuperPsy-(my psy-trance artist name)...i do more of full on morning psy-trance..now days deep into production i wanna produce solid house music first and then produce my psychedelic dreams..last thing i speak abt myself i only believe in peace and music.....PEACE............. Now Am A Audio Engineer
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